If you have wondered what happened to Brew Street on Loop 250 and Garfield in Midland, we have the answer.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the Brew Street location closed in January 2022 to plan a new location in central Midland closer to Midland High School.

Brew Street owners state they have finally closed on the new location which is located at 111 N. 'C' Street right across from Hospice of Midland on Wall Street.

They had a delay that lasted two months before closing on the new property, but now they have closed on the property and are beginning renovations and construction getting the bakery and kitchen together.

Brew Street began as a coffee bar that specialized in mostly coffee and pastries, the first owners decided to sell the business, and the new owners kept the coffee and pastries but added more items to expand the menu to add more food items and more drinks besides coffee like tea, soda, wine, and beer.

The owners told the MRT that they "bought Marvin Ulmer’s old historic home at 111 N. 'C' St. across from Hospice of Texas. We’re excited to convert this old gem into Midland’s new favorite gathering place, and we’re planning to incorporate a lot of the old Midland history into the renovations, including Ulmer’s legacy."

No date has been released as to when the new location of Brew Street will be open but barring any setbacks on the construction and renovations it should be open by late summer.

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