Listener Wrote - Newlywed here and just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this. I'm learning my new wife has an issue with ME EATING WITHOUT HER.  There have been certain times when I grab a bite and then meet up with her and she wants to eat and I tell her 'I ALREADY ATE' which I've learned is a big no no. Our work can have some food delivered for lunch and I have to SKIP eating just so I can eat lunch with her. There are times I've eaten double just not to piss her off. LOL. My buddy says this is just a thing in the beginning of our marriage... is it?


She is dumb.... I don't get mad if my husband eats without me.... imma eat and feed our kids regardless if he ate or not already.
Dinner is served between 7-8 in our house and if he wants to join great and if he don't we'll that's ok aswell... I'm not getting my panties in a bunch just because he ate with the boys already (happens when he stays late at work)

Ridiculous, I sure hope this guys doesn’t have female friends. Lol. This is a stupid reason for her to get mad. Sounds to me like she has some underlying issues.

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