I'm sure most of you have heard about Turkmenistan in the Karakum desert known as the "Gates of Hell," because of the fire spewing from the enormous crater. But did you know that Arkansas had its own mini version of that back in 2018, and it still remains somewhat of a mystery today?

It happened on the morning of September 20, 2018, in the small community of Midway, Arkansas when the local fire department responded to a call about a fire shooting out of a hole approximately 2 feet wide. The fire lasted around 45 minutes according to fire officials from the Midway Volunteer Fire Protection District. Once the fire finally went out crews examined the scorched hole and discovered it to be around three and a half feet deep with a 45-degree turn near the bottom.

At first, it was believed to be caused by a natural gas line that may have ruptured but there were no gas lines in the vicinity or area where the fire was spotted. It was also thought to be a meteorite or space debris that had crashed into the wooded area but that was eventually ruled out as well. A Fayetteville-based Gas Company was sent in to further investigate the incident but they found nothing that could have caused it, the only thing they recall is that the area smelled like burnt plastic. Thank God, because I would have really worried if it would have smelled like sulfur, something associated with the devil.

There were reports of lighting in that area late Sunday night but no reports of fire coming out of the hole until Monday morning.

Watch this report from KARK 4 Little Rock.

Here's another report.

So, what do you think it is?

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