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Okay, so I have some stupid WORK DRAMA going on. So I have a couple of co-workers who are ticked off at me because of what I did the other day here at work. It was our co-workers birthday at they had brought him a cake. Well, it was in the break room for like hours and I finally cut me a piece. Well, that's when the wrath hit me from my co-worker. She came up to me and said that was RUDE and I should have waited for the birthday person to cut the cake. She was also mad because we had not sung Happy Birthday. Ok, I get it, but I really didn't think of it at the moment, but is it really a big deal?


If you didn’t pitch in then major disrespect.
If you knew it was someone’s birthday then yes you should have waited.
Buy her a cake so she can get over it ‍♀️

Some people just don’t think about othersthat my dear would be YOU buy another cake… apologize and know what your apologizing for and laugh it out


So you cut the cake before they got to sing him happy birthday and let him get a piece. Do you also cut the cake at weddings to before the groom and bride? You’re wrong for that and deserve a smack in the face for that nonsense smh ‍♀️ wth is wrong with you !?!
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A smack in the face is a Lil too far.. if it was my birthday you did it to me I'd just ask if it was good and to bring me a piece!

Yes your an idiot and please don’t reproduce!

This is why ppl can't have nice things

You are a jerk. Apologize. But a new one. And think of others before self.

‍♀️ just like at a bday party. Anytime there’s a bday cake, unless it’s already been cut, don’t touch it until you see it cut or you were there for the happy bday stuff. Just common sense.

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