Back last summer, I threw out a dozen (literally, 12) questions that your gridiron heroes, the Detroit Lions, needed to answer for the 2022 season.

Now that the Lions season is over.  It is a good time to revisit those questions to see if it came out positive or negative.  Or any resolution at all.

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As everyone knows by now, the Lions finished 9-8.  And just missed the NFC playoffs after losing out on a playoff tiebreaker with the Seattle Seahawks (because Seattle beat the Lions 48-45 in Week 4 at Ford Field).

Alright, let's answer the 12 burning questions from the summer:

Answering the 12 Burning Questions With The Detroit Lions from 2022

The Lions will have the 6th and 18th picks in the first round of the upcoming spring Draft.  They'll also have two second-round picks as well.  And they'll know how much salary cap space they'll have come March (when they new league year begins).

And for the first time in eons, there is legitimate optimism (even more so than usual) regarding the Lions heading into the offseason.

I complied a list of Lions players that I think could/should/will get cut to save salary cap space earlier this month.  Here it is:

Lions Players Most Likely To Be Cut This Offseason

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