Former Houston Texans and current Arizona Cardinal J.J. Watt proved once again why he is one of the classiest NFL players ever. The fierce defensive end showed his soft side once again by helping a Texans fan pay for a funeral. Read on for this heartwarming story.

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Jennifer Simpson recently posted on Twitter that she was selling some Watt swag because she was trying to raise money for her grandpa's funeral.

About 20 minutes later, J.J. Watt himself responded to the tweet, telling Jennifer not to sell her swag and that he and his wife would help pay for the funeral.  

Jennifer tweeted back to J.J. telling him it's been a hard year and that she wished she could tell him her story.

Man, it really doesn't get much classier than that. Not only is he helping to pay for someone else's funeral, but he is doing it for a fan of his old team.

Once a Texan, always a Texan, right, J.J.?

This is not the first time that J.J. has stepped up to help others. Late last year, Watt paid for the funerals of six people who tragically died after a car crashed into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin.

In 2017, he raised over $37 million for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Then, in 2018, Watt paid for funerals of those that had died as a result of the Santa Fe High School shooting.

The dude is just an outstanding person and this is just another example of why he was selected for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award in 2017.

Kudos to you J.J. Watt. Also our condolences to Jennifer on the loss of her grandfather. 

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