Even though the Texas Transportation Code states that vehicles on a highway with three or more lanes going in the same direction driving on an on-ramp must yield to traffic on their left... (And if you're a vehicle already on the highway you must pass on the left as well). That's the CODE. However--this doesn't mean that when you're driving on a highway in the right lane that it's illegal in any way, shape, or form to be COURTEOUS to those on an on-ramp and get over (when you can--sometimes there are vehicles in the left lane next to you and you can't get over--totally understandable).

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I get it. The LAW is on your side, right-lane-driver... And once in a while, you do see people getting over to allow those on the on-ramps to merge.  There is some straight-up Texas Hospitality. Even though legally you're not obligated to--let's all start practicing HOSPITALITY on the highways. What do you think? I know everyone is in an all-out HURRY to get where they're going and time is the most valuable commodity these days. I've always lived by the "everyone's time is just as valuable as mine" rule and try to be accomodating as much as possible. I always get the feeling that people who aren't and who don't get over--are probably the same people who don't return their grocery cart to the return stalls after they put their groceries in the car. You're the SAME PEOPLE. So let's do what we can to be sure the highways are safe and easy for everyone to get on and off of. Thanks for your consideration and for reading!

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