I've driven past this 100 times or more since moving here but never paid that close attention till today when it caught my eye from across the other side of 191 heading toward Loop 250 in Midland. And it struck me as odd, because even though I know who the man on the billboard is because I'm 52-I wondered if anyone here age 35 or under would? I mean, growing up in the '70s and 80's, everyone knew who John Wayne was. "The Duke" starred in so many films, one of which is my favorite western thanks to my Dad passing on his love for it--Rio Bravo. I've even been to the movie set in Tucson Arizona to see where they filmed. But like everything else in life, as time passes and generations move forward-what and who was famous to one, will be replaced by the next in line.


Now-if this had been a billboard with Luke Bryan, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Beiber, or pretty much anyone who's popular NOW--it wouldn't have even raised a red flag with me as I drove past. And I get it-John Wayne was a symbol of toughness back in his day. I'm not sure who a symbol of toughness would be now, in this day and age-maybe a WWE or MMA fighter? Connor McGregor? Just seems to me that a more relevant celebrity to the times we live in might have been a better choice for this ad campaign. But what do I Know? I'm just a radio guy who talks for a living. I do wonder though how many young people who've driven past it have actually taken the time to either ask a parent who he is, or to at least look him up online. Hopefully they did-history and heroes are fun subjects to pass along.

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