It’s no secret that the Washington Commanders have struggled as of late. The team has lost four straight since beginning the season with a win against the Jaguars. Despite the team’s struggles on the field, the internal drama surrounding the organization’s owner has been a big topic of discussion in recent weeks. Dan Snyder has been known as a controversial owner since acquiring the franchise in 1999, but recent investigations are causing other owners to speak out.

Snyder has had many accusations that say he does not treat his employees well. One of these accusations includes Dan Snyder sexually harassing an employee in April of 2009. The oversight committee has also launched several investigations into Snyder’s alleged financial improperties, one of which is still ongoing. Snyder is also having trouble securing public financing for a stadium for his newly rebranded “Washington Commanders.”

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All of this controversy surrounding the Washington owner has caused owners from around the league to push Snyder into selling the team. Snyder has refused the idea of ever selling the team and has even made a threat to release some “dirt” on the NFL and its owners if he is forced to do so.

The owner’s committee would have to pull together twenty-four votes to force Snyder out of the league. The next meeting for the committee is scheduled for sometime in mid-October. Snyder’s threats have not stopped the overwhelming push for him to sell the team. The situation has even garnered input from beloved NFL Commentator, Al Michaels. Michaels made his thoughts about Dan Snyder public in Thursday night’s broadcast of the Bear and Commanders game.

The controversy involving Snyder has also begun to cause issues within the locker room. Recent reports have surfaced that Dan Snyder brought Carson Wentz to Washington against the wishes of head Coach, Ron Rivera. When asked about the situation, the Washington head coach stormed out of the press conference after giving a heated answer.

Snyder’s controversy is causing major dysfunction within his organization. With most of the owners and fans from around the league begging Snyder to sell, the team can't be expected to stay focused on winning games. What are your thoughts on this situation?

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