I said it this morning during the morning show. A cold day calls for some yummy cold weather food. Why are we like this? All day today I've been thinking to myself should I make chili for dinner, my kids would love to have frito pie with it. Or should I make caldo? Some sort of chicken soup? That sounds good too. 

Texans love our 'cold weather food!' You may remember things your mom would make from your childhood. In my Hispanic family cold weather called for menudo. I can still remember in the winter months there was going to be a lot of menudo eating in our house. And leftovers for days! Which my little Latina heart did not mind.


I also remember stew being a thing. I sure wish I could make a beef stew like momma did.



What are some other cold weather foods in Texas?

  • chicken tortilla soup
  • pot roast-what is it about the cold that makes mom throw a pot roast in the oven? I don't know but I sure could go for some right now! lol
  • meatloaf-don't lie and say your mom didn't make this on a cold day

I guess it is all about comfort food? Or something quick and easy to throw in the oven! What is something you eat without fail when it's cold outside?

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