Mother's Day is this Sunday, and how many of you have already gotten your mother a gift. If your mom is like mine, it is so hard trying to come up with something. I usually just wait for her to say she wants something or sometimes I will just ask her what she wants. There have been a few times, when I knew I could surprise her with something special and unexpected, like one year it was tickets to see George Strait. This year, however, I showed her something I wanted for my new house and she said she wanted it for hers, so I went ahead and bought it and gave it to her.

Rosemary Buffoni

One thing I can tell you not to buy her is appliances like blenders, a vacuum, or a new washer and dryer unless she specifically says she wants that.

Here is a list of things mom might like according to the New York Times:

1. Pajamas. You can get mom a nice set of pajamas to lounge in. Mom just wants to be comfortable.

2. Something customized. Whether it's a shirt, a piece of art, or jewelry, one of the biggest trending gifts is anything customizable.  For example, if you had a coffee cup made with the grandkids' names on it.

3. Hairbrush blow dryer.  This one showed up on many of the lists a looked into. This is one of the most trending gifts out there.

4. Gift Cards. I don't feel like you can ever go wrong with a gift card. Get her a gift card that she can use only for herself.

5. Anything that involves relaxation. Whether it's a trip to the local spa or a massage or even a gift basket with relaxation items or self-care.


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