It started about a month ago when the outdoor temperatures started to get warmer. And as the summer season grows closer it will only be more prevalent as we go business to business, store to store, restaurant to restaurant, movie theater, mall...... I'm talking about air conditioning set to sub-zero temperatures. Went to see a movie a few weeks ago and the theater was so frigid I could barely sit there and watch the whole movie. Others in the theater were standing outside the auditorium doors off and on because it was warmer in the hallway. Which stinks because seeing a movie isn't cheap these days-especially with concessions thrown in. I completely agree with not being hot while you're watching a movie, but can't we find a temperature that's comfortable instead of 'walk-in freezer'?

Same thing with Restaurants. I understand the thinking that if you keep it frigid, people will hurry up and eat to get out of there so the booth is open for the next person. But rest assured I'll try somewhere else next time where I can sit and comfortably eat without freezing in my seat and wolfing my food down to get out of there. Yes--we live in a place where the temperatures are exceptionally warm/hot this time of year. But that doesn't mean turning the air conditioning down to 40 degrees. It's tough because you wanna wear shorts because it's so warm out but you have to bring a jacket or a blanket when you go in these businesses or else you'll be uncomfortably cold. Somehow, someway there HAS to be a happy medium where you can shop, eat or see a movie and be COMFORTABLE temperature-wise. Let's work on that people!

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