The dream of many college football enthusiasts has been answered. The Rose Bowl has reached an agreement with the College Football Playoff to allow the 12-team College Football Playoff to start in 2024.

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The Rose Bowl was the final obstacle for the College Football Playoff expansion to happen in 2024. In early September, the NCAA agreed to expand the playoff starting in 2026. The College Football Playoff Committee and all the conferences decided that 2026 was too long to wait so they proposed the expansion to do come sooner.

With $450 million on the line, the Rose Bowl had a choice. Either agree to the College Football Playoff or be left out of the playoff rotation forever. Before the agreement, the Rose Bowl was stuck in the past and only ever wanted one Big-10 school and one Pac-12 school to come to Pasadena Calif.

Rose Bowl - Ohio State v Oregon
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The 12-team playoff has been a talk for years even before the announcement in September. Most college football fans hated how the playoff always had the same teams in the dance and left out smaller teams. With the 12-team playoff, more teams will have a chance of winning the ultimate glory of a National Championship.

During a 12-team playoff, the top four conference champions would get a bye in the first round. Five through 12, which will include teams in the Group of five, which will be ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee, will play first-round matchups at the higher seeds campus. This year for instance Alabama would host the Utah Utes in Tuscaloosa at Bryant Denny Stadium.

2024 will be a transition into a new era of college football. USC and UCLA will be joining the Big 10, EA Sports will be releasing a College Football game, and an expanded playoff. The college football of your elders is gone, now we start a new normal in college football.

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