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The release of the BCS College Football Playoff rankings this week did very little to change the odds set by sports books around the county.

Right now, it is a three-horse race between Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson, three of the top four teams in the BCS standings.

Alabama is number one, and is the slight favorite with the sports books, with odds of +170. Both  Clemson (third in the BCS) and Ohio State (fourth) have odds around +250.

After that, Florida is currently fourth choice with odds of +900 at William Hill USA, although the Gators are only sixth in the BCS standings.

The sports books have no love for BCS ranked number two Notre Dame, which is +1600. After that, there is a huge dropoff to Northwestern at +5000.

So what do the odds mean right now?

Basically, no matter what the Pac-12 does, nor the Big 12, the champion is going to come from the SEC, the ACC, or the Big Ten. This will be the seventh season of the BCS Playoffs, and the three teams with the best odds right now have won five of the six titles, with just LSU last season the outlier. Of course, the Tigers are an SEC team, so they go into the group, according to the experts.

Alabama and Clemson have four title game appearances and two titles, but it might be the Buckeyes, which lost a close 29-23 game to Clemson in last season’s semifinals, that could have the upper hand this year.

If the teams all win out, though, Alabama is going to get an easier semifinal game as the top seed, while Clemson and Ohio State battle it out once again in the other heavyweight semifinal.

Some team is going to be in the fourth spot, whether it is Notre Dame, Texas A&M, or Cincinnati, but will anyone be betting on those teams?

Not likely.

Who is going to end the season in the championship?

It is so hard to project this far out, but heading into the last weekend of November, I like Clemson to take on Alabama for the fourth time in seven years. I was going to take Ohio State, but if Tim Tebow thinks Clemson could give Alabama more trouble than the Buckeyes, I will roll with him.

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