Snow? With the weather that Midland Odessa has been having lately, there is definitely  no signs of snow at all. Sunny skies and temps in the mid 70's has been the norm here in the Permian Basin. But, there is a website called How Much Will It Snow which pretty much looks back at patterns of the past winters and gives you an idea of when snow tends to drop.

FEBRUARY Looks Like The Best Chance For Snow

If you look at the data from the past three winters, FERUARY is the month we have had more snow days the past three winters. We have had 6 total days of snow in the month of February the last three winters.

JANUARY Is The 2nd Most Likely Month To Get Snow

For the past three winters, the Permian Basin has has 3 total days of snow in the month of January.

DECEMBER Is the 3rd Most Likely Month To Get Snow

There have been 2 total days of snow in the month of December the last three winters here in the Permian Basin.


  • 2021/2022    0 inches so far
  • 2020/2021  10 inches
  • 2019/2020   8 inches
  • 2018/2019   0 inches
  • 2017/2018   0 inches
  • 2016/2017   0 inches
  • 2015/2016   8 inches

Last winter, the Permian Basin got a total of 10 inches of snow. And, the winter before that we had a total of 8 inches.

No Chances Of Snow In The Immediate Forecast

According to How Much Will It Snow website, they don't foresee any snow up until Dec 18th.

But, what do we say about weather in West Texas, you never know what YOUR GOING TO GET? So, who knows, maybe we will get SNOW when we least expect it.

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