I have so many childhood memories of being a kid sitting on the bed with my mom--and she'd have the Yahtzee game board open with the dice in the shaker... And we'd play till Dad came home from work. Or the times in the kitchen when she'd wanna play 'Sorry'. I always had to be the red piece. Fast forward to becoming a Dad myself, and my daughter and I would play board games like Candy Land--one sweet memory I have is the night she wanted to set it up on the floor in her bedroom and have me wait in the living room while she got everything ready. She called me into the bedroom to play--and she wanted to go first. So she drew a card and--wouldn't you know it--it was the Castle card that took her all the way to the top :-)... We laughed and laughed. She was so crafty at the ripe old age of 5......

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Another game we loved when she was little like that was Break The Ice--where the cubes are held in place in a plastic frame by pressure--and you take your plastic hammer and try to knock out just one piece at a time so as not to make your player fall thru the ice... Then when she was a teenager, Monopoly became the go-to. And mysteriously she always wanted to be the banker. The list goes on and on--there was Clue, Dungeon Dice, Hi-Ho Cherry-O..... Comment below and tell us what YOUR favorite board games are and share a sweet memory if you want to-we'd love to hear it!

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