Sitting around the house this weekend enjoying time with the family and talking about what to do for lunch. Since it was Father's Day, I didn't feel like cooking (or even getting the grill going, which was unusual for me but I wanted a day where I could be lazy). We batted ideas on where to go grab something quick for lunch. Everyone was tired of the same ole same ole that we usually do-and my stepdaughter suggested Subway. Since it had been a while, that sounded good to everyone. That is-until we got there and they were CLOSED. We couldn't find an open location in Midland. So we ended up at another sub shop instead. Oh, and THIS was posted on Subway's locked door:


The staffing shortage here in Midland Odessa is not unique to our area. Cities all across the country are experiencing situations like never before. where people, in general, don't want to work. Ever since the pandemic began, it's made owning a business a real challenge to get people out of the house and on the employment line. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not sure how folks are paying their bills if they aren't working. There's no more free Government money coming. So you'd better get out and get a job or things will start to get turned off, repossessed, and taken away.

I totally understand that working in the food service industry isn't the most glamorous job on the planet-but with wages as they are now you can really make decent money in these positions. When I started working, jobs like this were all minimum wage. Now they're paying $15 to $20 an hour! There should literally be NO ONE sitting on a street corner here with a sign in their hand collecting from people driving their cars. There are so many jobs here, there's no excuse not to get to work.

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