A whole new era is upon us. And I for one don't like it. Not one bit. From long long lines at Pharmacy counters and drive-thru lanes to extra-long lines at restaurants waiting for a table because three servers showed up for work and there are 2 entire sections of seats that are EMPTY where no one can be seated because there's no one to wait on the customers... Everywhere you turn, there are HELP WANTED and NOW HIRING signs in windows, on doors, and all over the job websites online.  Even Oil Companies here in the Basin advertise for help, and those were always the jobs that were so hard to come by here. NO ONE WANTS TO WORK ANYMORE.

Paying with credit card at a grocery store

Seriously one of the strangest things to ever live to experience. You HAVE to wonder--all the unemployment extensions due to Covid are over, and there are no more stimulus checks coming and no more handouts. So HOW ARE PEOPLE PAYING THEIR BILLS if they aren't working?!?! The new great life mystery. I mean, we aren't all independently wealthy and were just working at the fast food place for the fun of it! I've also started to see a lot of signs in drive-thru windows and on countertops in stores that say things like "Please be patient and kind to the workers who showed up today to take care of you".  Truly mind-blowing that this new "generation" out there (for lack of a better word) feels like they don't need to be out earning a living and expect that everything will be handed to them. And I don't wanna hear the whining about mean customers--people didn't just start being jerks in March of 2020--they have been since the dawn of time. Everyone deals with unpleasantness at work on some level. It's a part of life. These little snowflakes need to suck it up and get back to work. And yes, I'd like fries with that--and not 15 minutes from now---NOW lol. Seriously though--It's gotten bad in some areas of the Basin that we're starting to lose some good places. Stop the madness and let's all get back to work!

Lots of store closing signs in Windows

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