If you're waiting for the hard freezes to be over so that you can plant annuals in your flower boxes around the house or pots along your sidewalks-now is the time. you're also safe with rose bushes. Ours are starting to give us the first roses of the season-even before Easter weekend. Warm overnights have arrived in West Texas and even warmer days and sprinkler systems can be safely set to run daily once again. Soon the bees will return and begin to pollinate up and down the flower box, making everything beautiful.

All of the Home Improvement box stores, area nurseries like Aldredge, and Department stores' lawn and garden sections have nice selections of annuals for you to choose from, and why not have things look amazing around the house as family comes over for Easter? There are some who say you should wait until AFTER Easter to plant, but checking the forecast for Midland Odessa it looks like we are safe to get going early. It's also the perfect time to start treating the weeds growing in the rocks and alongside the house so that everything looks great for the weekend, and they stop growing for the summer. Landscapers also tell you it's a great time right now to begin feeding your sod/lawn with broadleaf as well.

No matter which nursery or retail location is your favorite-it's the perfect next couple of days weather-wise to get the planting done. Comment below and tell us what you're planting this year!

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