HC: Chris Klieman OC: Courtney Messingham DC: Scottie Halzeton 

2018 RECORD - 5-7 

Most Likely 2019 RECORD - 5-7


Kansas State is a bit of a conundrum in 2019. On one hand, they are having to replace the only head coach to be successful in Manhattan. On the other hand, they might have actually found Bill Snyder’s clone and guaranteed the Kansas State program thirty more years of almost excellence. 

You can’t argue that Chris Klieman and his staff have championship pedigree. His North Dakota State tenure produced four FBS National Championships in five years including a perfect 15-0 run in 2018. What do you do when you reach the top of the mountain? If you’re Chris Klieman you just find a new dadgum mountain. Now, he took over a healthy program who was already winning Championships at North Dakota State. Granted he kept the train on the tracks, but the question is now can he build a program?

The initial return on investment is pretty strong coming out of Manhattan but catchphrases and more energy than Bill Snyder can only get you so far. I mean, Bill Snyder is 103 and “Win the Dang Day” is one of the lamer things I’ve ever heard. But, that’s what works for Klieman. That’s what worked for Bill Snyder. Boring, lame,  and so efficient it’s dull on both sides of the ball. Klieman will be more energized and he has a twitter account but don’t let that fool you, Kansas State isn’t going to be exciting anyone this season. 

Best Offensive Returners

QB Skylar Thompson, OL Scott Frantz, WR Dalton Schoen, WR Malik Knowles

Best Defensive Returners

DL Wyatt Hubert, DB Denzel Goolsby


RB James Gilbert (Ball State), RB Jordon Brown (North Carolina) WR Hunter Rison (Michigan State), S Jonathon Alexander (JUCO)

Breakout Candidates

QB Skylar Thompson, WR Malik Knowles, RB James Gilbert

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