The internet has taken the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry into its own hands in anticipation of the game on Saturday. This week, both teams have been taking turns bashing each other through memes and videos on various social media platforms. For example, one of Alabama's favorite videos has resurfaced, prompting several tweets and captions quoting this interview.

Thanks to this interview, Tide fans all around are aware that Tennessee is "low down, they dirty, and they some snitches". However, a Tennessee fan wanted to make his own version of this video and released an Alabama diss track. He even takes a shot at the fan-favorited mascot, Big Al, saying "that ugly, fat elephant is really irrelevant" and so on.

Twitter especially has seemed to be the platform that produces the most hate content between the two teams. Accounts such as @BarstoolAlabama and @BarstoolTenn have been having a field day posting about each other. The platforms go for anything such as the teams, players, schools, or each other.

One of Barstool Alabama's tweets even had a fake City of Tuscaloosa post stating that no pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns were allowed on campus until after the game due to them being orange.

Another post took a venture at former Tennessee quarterback, Peyton Manning's forehead.

@OldRowVols replied to Barstool's tweet about one of their former quarterbacks, with one about Alabama's.

As Saturday approaches, the memes and the insults continue to skyrocket because if one team doesn't win the football game, they at least want to come out on top with their diss game.

Alabama vs Texas A&M Week 6 2022


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