Earlier this summer, Texas Tech announced a $200 million project to tear down the south endzone at Jones AT&T Stadium and the Texas Tech football facility. The renderings that were dropped at the time of that announcement were pretty great. They showed bell towers, the Double-T scoreboard, and two jumbotrons.

The previous renderings also showed the football facility and were filled with two-dimensional ghosts roaming the grounds. When the graphics came out, Texas Tech fans went wild with their imaginations about what this might look like in real life. At the Red Raider Club Kickoff lunch, Texas Tech Athletics gave us a better idea.

The video above shows provides some much better views of what the project will look like and they're absolutely incredible.

The screenshots below show the team running out from the center of the field behind the goal post with the Masked Rider leading the way. The top right photo shows from the outside of the stadium with the Womble Football Facility and the sky bridge in full view. The bottom right shows an aerial view with the landscape of Lubbock looking great.

The coolest photo, in my opinion, is the bottom left one. The team coming out through the brand new south endzone is going to look so cool.

The construction on the south endzone is scheduled to start following the 2022 season and is expected to be completed by the 2024 season. The football facility will be started after spring practice in 2023. There will be some creative solutions for the football team in the meantime, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Texas Tech Will Go 5-7 if the FPI is Correct

The ESPN FPI, or the Football Power Index, is a mathematical formula like they have in any other league. It claims to, "measure a team's true strength on net points scale; expected point margin vs average opponent on a neutral field." according to ESPN. The projected results are based on 20,000 simulations of the rest of the season using the FPI as a model. The preseason projections are incomplete because a large piece of the puzzle is results that have already happened, impacting the remaining schedule. So, based on half the puzzle, Texas Tech is projected to get wins in five of their games. These projections change daily once the season starts, but it's good to get a baseline on what is analytically expected of you heading into the season.

Texas Tech Football Media Day 2022

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