Texas Tech and Arizona actually have quite a history. One that Texas Tech remembers much more fondly than their Wildcat counterparts.

The overall series is 26-4-2 in the Red Raiders' favor, but the last time the two teams met was in 1989.

The score was 24-14 in the contest, and while I couldn't find a box score, I know that James Gray had a big game because he ran for 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns in 1989. I also know Gray had a big game because the Arizona Wildcats put this in their game notes for the week: "The Wildcats were ranked 20th going into the matchup, but couldn't slow down Texas Tech running back James Gray, who rushed for 236 yards and two touchdowns." That was one of the easier assumptions I've ever jumped to.

Also in the game notes is this nugget: "The Red Raiders sealed the deal in the fourth quarter when current Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn scored from three yards out to extend the lead to 10 points and ice the game." Way to go, Coach.

The game was played on September 9th, 1989, so we can also make a few other assumptions about what the team and their coach Spike Dykes were doing after the game.

Firstly, Spike Dykes was definitely "Hangin' Tough" in the locker room after the game. The NKOTB were at the top of their games at the time, and their single was on the top of the charts.

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After the game, Dykes probably invited the entire team over to his house and made them pancakes like Uncle Buck, the number one movie in America at the time.

Image result for uncle buck pancake gif

In the locker room, the guys were doing their best Bette Midler impressions whilst belting "Wind Beneath My Wings," because that song slaps. They were also probably rocking to Beastie Boys, Nirvana and LL Cool J.

The defensive line probably did the Arsenio Hall as the sack celebration.

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This creepy rabbit was shown during the first and second quarter probably.

At least one of the Arizona defensive linemen tried to recreate Jack Nicholson's Joker facepaint from Batman and failed miserably while screaming, "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" after a 12-yard James Gray gain. (Side note: Michael Keaton is the best Batman.)

There were only a few Game Boys in the stands; people could still focus on the task at hand back then. But the backup quarterback for Arizona did have a copy of The Baby Sitter's Club inside his playbook on the bench.

Times sure have changed since 1989, but if history has any bearing on the future, Texas Tech has a great shot at beating Arizona on Saturday.

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