Which NFL team is currently the King of New York? If you ask Buffalo Bills' tight end, Dawson Knox, then there's only one option.

No, seriously, he means that there's literally one option from which you can choose. The Buffalo Bills are the only team in the NFL to actually have a home address in the state of New York, and Knox will tell that to anyone who will listen.

That list of listeners now includes the NFL on Fox, and Twitter account, the latter of which was the target of Knox's internet ire earlier this week.

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Bills' TE Knox Fires Back at Fox Sports for Geographical Error in Tweet

The Buffalo Bills' wing of USA Today Sports, Bills Wire, broke down the online exchange between Knox and the NFL on Fox. It all stemmed from a graphic, which the national TV outlet posted on Monday, October 17th.

The following morning, the post must've found its way to the Twitter feed of Dawson Knox, who was quick to point out a key mistake:

The implication from Knox here, is that neither the New York Giants, nor the New York Jets, actually play in the state of New York. MetLife Stadium is a stone's throw from New York, but is technically located in New Jersey, and Buffalo Bills' fans are none too quick to point this out when they get the oppportunity.

Fox Sports was unfazed by Knox's call-out, and went so far as to fix their "mistake" in a subsequent graphic. This one was sent directly to Knox and the rest of the Bills:

Knox would later quote tweet the second graphic, saying that they nailed it. There are few better ways to establish yourself as a fan-favorite in Buffalo, then by joining their crusade against the fake New York football franchises. Knox is no stranger to this fight, and every time he wades into these metaphorical waters, he exits with more fans than he had before.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
Bills' TE Dawson Knox / Getty Images

No matter what Dawson Knox, or Fox Sports, has to say about the geographical location of the Giants and Jets, they still consider themselves New York teams at heart. With this in mind, I can say that this has been an OUTSTANDING season for New York football.

Yes, the Bills are the best team in New York, whether you believe the Empire State has one team, or three. That said, both the Giants and Jets have drastically out-performed expectations, and are still in-the-hunt as the season heads toward its third month.

Oh, shoot. Now, Dawson Knox is going to see this story, and see that I said that the Giants and Jets are also New York teams.

I'd better go find a place to hide for the rest of the season.

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