If you've ever heard of Cameo, you know the ease of getting on the website and paying a celebrity to do a quick video shout-out for you. Having a ton of celebrities in your pocket if you need a birthday shoutout for a friend or family member is cool, but what if there was a service to allow you to get an autograph, appearance or video shout-out from a current or former Red Raider?

Now there is.

The company Open Dorse has partnered with Texas Tech University to facilitate a website that connects you straight to the player so you can legally pay them for an autograph or a shoutout. Long gone are the days when you needed a handshake full of cash to get an autograph from a current athlete at Texas Tech.

Now you can just head to opendorse.com and check out the huge number of athletes available. You can buy video shout-outs like Cameo, get an autograph, or book an appearance from the athlete.

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The prices vary, with Patrick Mahomes starting at $10,000, while some current athletes starting their services at $10.

The Beyond Verified Marketplace is just another way for Texas Tech fans to support current and former Red Raiders by purchasing goods straight from the source.

If an offensive lineman has an incredible personality but doesn't play much, maybe he carves out a role as the go-to birthday shoutout guy. The volleyball players could make money making appearances at local high schools talking to teams around the area.

It's just another aspect of NIL deals that aren't talked about as much as the alleged million-dollar deals that the top 5 percent of players are getting.

So if you're a Texas Tech fan or a fan of more than 100 different universities, you can go to opendorse.com and get an autograph from your favorite player, or maybe even one of your favorite former players.

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