If you missed it, Texas Tech football assistant coach and offensive analyst Kirk Bryant is on the Bachelorette on ABC this season and he's moving on to week three after getting his second rose on episode two.

If you watched the episode, you might have missed Bryant's involvement, but that doesn't matter because he is moving on and that's all that matters.

You can't win if you aren't even there.

Texas Tech football has been having some fun with the football coach's appearances on the reality show and shared the perfect reaction to the latest news. They turned the stunning bachelorettes into Donovan Smith from the win over Iowa State in 2021 and Kirk Bryant into Myles Price catching a touchdown. The football is the rose, obviously.

Simple, but effective. I hope Myles Price catches plenty of roses in 2022 by the way.

Texas Tech Twitter reacted to the news as well:

With Survive and Advance being the mantra for our guy Kirk.

If you watched the actual episode you got to see Bryant in the speedo competition, so there's no telling what he'll be a part of next week on episode three, season 19 of the Bachelorette.

By the way, there have been 18 other seasons of The Bachelorette? That's incredible to me. I would have guessed 10 maybe. Do they do multiple every year? What's more than that, there's been 27 seasons of The Bachelor! That's 46 seasons of trying to find true love on ABC. I wonder what the success rate is?

Also, where do you sign up for season 28? Asking for a friend.

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