This guy is dealing with one stubborn homeowner's association and he literally has done nothing to his house.

Dan Swann is currently in a battle with the home owner's association in his neighborhood. They claim Dan has changed the color of his house recently to a not approved color. They claim it is purple and he will be repeatedly fined until it is painted to an approved color.

Well, Dan does have an approved color, grey. How do we know it is grey? The leftover paint can clearly says grey. Also, Dan has not painted his house since 2006. Someone in the homeowner's association is wanting him to now change his approved color from almost twelve years ago.

“I think my house is gray,” said Swann. “But I’ve been told it’s purple.” He actually starting getting notices at the end of last year about his paint and he kept informing them that no new paint has gone up in over a decade. Swann has gone as far to get several shades of purple from the paint store and hold it up against his house to show it is not purple.

He painted his house with Behr’s Gray Timber Wolf. He has been receiving $100 fines every fifteen days. This is exactly why when I moved, I made sure that the neighborhood did not have a homeowners association. It seems like such a hassle to live in one of those neighborhoods and I never will.

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