Whataburger is a Texas tradition so to start a new tradition at your wedding, Whataburger announces their wedding collection.

According to Whataburger, just in time for Valentine's Day, you can dress up your wedding with all sorts of merchandise to color your wedding orange.

You can get t-shirts with "WhataBride" on a white shirt and "WhataGroom" on a black t-shirt and "WhataWedding" on a grey-embellished t-shirt with the famous Whataburger orange in various script designs.

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They also have a James Avery Heart Charm which features a sterling silver heart with Whataburger orange enamel stripes which will add a touch of elegance to your "WhataWedding."

Another thing to add to the tables at the reception is the iconic orange and white table tents with "Just Married" scripted where your order number would be. These come in convenient 5-packs for you to share with your guests or even add them as a fun addition to your wedding and groom's cakes.

Now you will have to clear this with your spouse to be and if he or she is as big a Whataburger fan as you are, it should be an easy sell. But any fan of Whataburger will love these items and it is a different and cool gift idea for Valentine's Day or even a birthday.

The Whataburger website is where you need to go to order your wedding goods, or you can order them for Valentine's Day too, it's the perfect way for lovebirds who share a love of Whataburger as well to make Valentine's Day or your wedding day the perfect day.

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