Derek Jeter made roughly $265 million in salary alone during his baseball career. So, naturally, he can afford some fairly luxurious things in his post-playing days.

One such item of luxury was a luxury mansion in Florida, which Jeter bought in 2012 for $15.5 million, according to a story done by The New York Post. Jeter has since sold the property, and now, it appears as though the house's days may be numbered.

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The story by the Post asserts that the house, which was owned by New York Yankees' legend Derek Jeter from 2012 through May of 2021, is set to be demolished. The story explains that a demolition application had been taken out for the house, with the ultimate goal being to use the expensive real estate for commercial purposes moving forward.

We found photos of the house on, and boy, it would be a real shame if this house did end up getting taken down.

Before we show you photos from inside and outside the house, a quick note on its history. In 2020, the luxury mansion welcomed new tenants, as Jeter rented his Tampa home to Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, along with the rest of the Brady family. Brady and Co. called the property home during his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as the family re-located from their long-time residence in New England.

Brady would end up leaving the home, citing a lack of privacy as the main reason for choosing to re-locate elsewhere.

It was soon after the Brady bunch's departure that Jeter would put the home on the market, selling it for $22.5 million in 2021. Less than one year later, in February of 2022, Jeter would cut ties with his other major connection to Florida, selling his 4% ownership of Major League Baseball's Miami Marlins.

Now, to the house itself. It's a six-bed, 5.5+ bath, 4,500 square-foot castle of a home, which sits directly on the shores of the beautiful Hillsborough Bay. With real estate prices skyrocketing, the value of the house eclipsed the $30 million mark of August of this year.

Despite that, the demolition appears destined to begin soo. Take one final look inside Derek Jeter's former home, before it's possibly reduced to rubble in the coming months.

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