Clemson beat La Tech on Saturday 48-20, but there were things happening that day that were much bigger than sports.

Before the game, Sonny Cumbie wore a shirt that said Ella Strong. The shirt was a reference to Bryan Breese's younger sister who passed away this week from brain cancer. Breese, a Clemson football player, missed the game on Saturday to be with his family.

Along with honoring Ella before the game, Cumbie also had every one of his players write a handwritten letter to Breese and his family giving their regards.

"I wanna just say how encouraged I was tonight by just the class of coach Cumbie and La. Tech," Clemson's head coach Dabo Swinney said. "The entire team took the time to write Bryan and his family a letter. And man, that’s everything that’s good about college football."

Swinney doubled down on his comments in the postgame, "I’ve never met coach Cumbie. But I’ll be a fan of his for the rest of his career. And as I told him after the game, this right here is why he’s going to be successful," Swinney said. "Because that really tells me how he’s wired and how he thinks. And I’ll be pulling for him forever. Really, really appreciate their kindness, their thoughtfulness. And then just sharing in the pain with the Bresee family, somebody they don’t know."

After getting to know Sonny Cumbie over the years in his various roles with Texas Tech this is no surprise. Cumbie is an incredible human being and leader. I hope he enjoys an enormous amount of success at Louisiana Tech.

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