With Texas 349 being a connecting route for oil field traffic, as well as a way to bypass city traffic on Loop 250 to get to 1788-really doesn't matter what time of the day you drive it, you'll find traffic either going the same direction as you, or coming at you going the opposite direction. There are also instances of breakdowns or needing to stop for trucks on the shoulders which are very close to the main two lanes, one in each direction. It can make for a scary drive (especially in the dark) with not a lot of space between you, vehicles on the shoulder, and/or oncoming traffic.


With the volume of vehicles and the fact that even though the speed limit is 75 but trucks go a LOT slower than that causing people to pass them in oncoming traffic lanes, you'd think the argument for widening this roadway and making it a consistent 4 lanes all the way from Big Spring Street to 1788 would be a good one. I can't tell you how many times I've seen, in the short almost two years I've lived here-someone passing a slow-moving Semi in the oncoming traffic lanes and narrowly getting back over in front of the truck they passed before almost getting into a head-on collision with oncoming traffic.


It's dangerous. And if you are stalled, have a breakdown, or a flat and you need to pull over-there's barely enough room for vehicles to pass you being on the shoulder. I think there needs to be a case made for this road's widening to be added to the list of road construction projects asap. There are already enough accidents on this highway (and some with fatalities)-let's get it fixed before there's another. What do YOU think? Comment below and tell us!

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