Technology is truly allowing us to see things that we've never seen before.

One such form of technology that really seems to be revolutionizing our collective viewing experience, is the aerial drone. Strap a camera onto one of those, and it can show you smooth footage of venues and events from hundreds of miles in the air. Drones are being used for sporting event broadcasts, while also being used for more personal events, like weddings.

A drone was recently used to capture a New York sports venue that we've seen hundreds of times, but in a way we've never really seen before.

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Drone Captures Incredible Footage of New York's Yankee Stadium

A video began to circulate on Twitter earlier this week, showing unbelievable drone footage of the home of the New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium in The Bronx. The drone began filming in the concourse area stadium, and proceeded to buzz around the entire stadium.

It doesn't take a fan of the New York Yankees to recognize how cool some of these views are.

A few of the fleeting shots are extra special. It's hard to beat the inclusion of Bernie Williams, who appears in Monument Park, and Hideki Matsui, who is shown exiting the dugout and stepping up to home plate. What makes it extra special, is that the motion of Matsui's swing is simulated by the drone, showing the "flight" of a baseball hit by Matsui for a metaphorical home run.

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Getty Images

In addition to those players being featured, the drone also whizzes by a few of the shrines that Yankee Stadium has that pay homage to the many legends of their past. Of course, we see Monument Park, but you're also met by the faces lining the concourse, and the more intimate Hall-of-Fame type atmosphere shown just past the concourse.

This video provides an incredible view of a ballpark that may not have as much history as its predecessor, but is iconic in its own right. Well done, Major League Baseball and Company.

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