The 2022 college football season is rapidly approaching and so is the new conference re-alignment that is set to happen in 2025. If you have not heard already Oklahoma and Texas are expected to be making the move from the Big 12 to the SEC beginning in 2025.

There is a lot of speculation on how the scheduling will look when Oklahoma and Texas join the conference. Some experts believe the SEC will keep the same divisions and add Oklahoma to the west and Texas to the east or vice versa others believe they will do a four team pod format.

This new format regardless the direction Commissioner Greg Sankey plans to go with will impact scheduling one way or another. The main topic of conversation regarding schedules in the future is the permanent opponents.

Host of Cup of Joe and brand manager of Townsquare Media Joe Gaither created his version of the leagues permanent opponents beginning in 2025.

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The SEC will move to a nine game conference schedule and each team will have three perpetual conference opponents that they will play each year and six rotating opponents that they will play every other year or two years.

According to Gaither, Alabama's three definite opponents will be Tennessee, Auburn and Mississippi State. Not a bad draw for the Crimson Tide but for the sake of college football and the SEC Alabama and LSU has to be played every year no matter who joins the conference or what the circumstances are.

Auburn's three opponents are Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. The Tigers have a tough draw but as an Alabama fan lets make it even tougher and add Oklahoma to the mix instead of South Carolina.

The conference re-alignment is scheduled to take place on July 1 of 2025 when the Sooners and Longhorn join the conference and makes the SEC the biggest conference in college football.

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