The 90's were alive this past Friday night at La Hacienda. And, Salt N Pepa and Vanilla Ice did not disappoint.

The show kicked off with Young MC bustin a move and All 4 One throwing down the ballads.

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All 4 One had the crowd going early. Man, these guys still sound awesome live!

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Salt N Pepa then took the stage and THREW IT DOWN HARD! With Spinderella on the turntables, the party was on! They did all the classics and even had all the ladies and fellas on stage at one point. Salt N Pepa was the highlight of the night for me.

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Then, the 90's ICON came on stage and you knew this was a 90's party. It doesn't get more real than seeing Vanilla Ice on stage to know your at a 90's party. Vanilla ROCKED it out with a bunch of help from his crew on stage. At one point, even the NINJA TURTLE came on stage. And, when he did 'Ice Ice Baby', he had everyone on stage singing the classic song.


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aye aye images

The 90's definitely hit hard this past Friday NIGHT!