LSU Football has one more game left on their regular season schedule, and will definitely be adding a bowl game too. But up to this point, this season has already been a massive success for the program.

This is Head Coach Brian Kelly's first year in Baton Rouge, and many expected it to be a "rebuilding year". They were expected to win a couple of games, but at no point in the preseason did anyone outside of the program expect them to compete, let alone win the SEC West. But here we are.

The team has actually won the SEC West, and will be taking on Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Depending on who this week (against Texas A&M) and that game against Georgia goes, they might even be in the mix for another National Championship.

But we're not here to break down what might happen in the next couple of weeks, lets look back on what this team has already accomplished. Here is a look at the highest of highs, and even some lows, from this year's LSU Football season:

Pictures From LSU's 2022 Football Season

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