Coach Chris Beard set the Texas Tech and national audience ablaze this past basketball season with his weekly Fireside Chats. It was a completely new and not-in-any-way-plagiarized idea that was used as a tool to give the Texas Tech students and Red Raider Nation a glimpse inside his program.

Keeping in mind this is a totally original tagline and not stolen from anyone, you can imagine my surprise when I logged into Twitter this morning and see Phil Mickleson with a wacky and blatant rip-off of Chris Beard's series.

He only thought he was cool by changing it to 'Phireside Chats' -- like his Phil name. Not cool, Phil. Not cool.

Obviously, we can't stand for this shoddy knockoff attempt from the second-best left handed golfer of all-time. It's unacceptable.

I have already issued a cease and desist, but I'd venture to say I didn't jump through the proper legal hoops. If any of you are lawyers, you can confirm or deny that possibility.

I hope Phil Mickelson can learn from this entire ordeal, and I hope he can find a new gimmick because that story was hilarious and I'd like to hear more of them.

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