It seems as though the longer that Eli Manning is out of the NFL, the more popular he becomes.

Manning is the co-host of the Manningcast, which serves as the companion broadcast to Monday Night Football on ESPN2. He is also an ambassador for the Giants in a number of areas, including on social media, where he hosts The Eli Manning Show.

It was on that show where Manning recently visited a celebrity's apartment, and got quite the surprise from his Giant super-fan guest when he walked in the door.

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Eli Manning Visits Pete Davidson's "Giants' Superfan" Apartment, Bedroom

On this week's episode of Eli Manning's show on the New York Giants' YouTube page, Manning visited the apartment of comedian Pete Davidson, who we find out is a huge New York Giants' fan. Amid the laughs, the two walked into Davidson's bedroom, and needless to say, it got a bit weird from there.

Here's the full-length episode of the show, including the segment in Davidson's bedroom:

In case it wasn't clear, photos of Eli stretched from wall-to-wall. That's certainly one way to begin, and end, each day for Pete Davidson.

Clips of the episode were posted on the New York Giants' social media pages, and some of the responses to Manning and Davidson's antics were too funny not to share:

Of course, the bedroom scene was staged, and anyone who thinks otherwise should think again. Other parts of the episode, however, seemed to be very genuine. It was a cool experience to see Davidson, a Giants' fan, interact with a former player who meant so much to him, and fans everywhere.

Meanwhile, Eli Manning continues to live the life of a king as a retired pro football player. As the Giants have been working to re-build their reputation on-the-field, Manning has done a lot of work with the team off-the-field to keep fans involved and entertained. He's funny, he's charismatic, and he's fine with being the butt of the joke every now and again.

Long story short: if you can't root for this year's Giants team, you can still look forward to seeing Eli Manning from time-to-time. It may not work for every New York fan, but it seemed to work out pretty well for Pete Davidson.

It might be time for him to re-decorate a bit, though.

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