A new Midland restaurant is getting some back lash on social media for turning away a couple of customers for having neck and face tattoos.

According to KOSA-TV, Little Woodrow's is one of the newest restaurants in Midland and they are already catching heat from social media for turning some patrons away because of tattoos.

One customer says he was not able to get into the restaurant because he has a tattoo on his face.

The bar's attorney, Philip Brinson, states that the restaurant is not opposed to most tattoos, it's the ones on the face and neck that they will have an issue with..

Brinson also said that only two people have been turned away from the restaurant, and one was allowed in once he covered up his neck tattoo.

In this society of tattoos being more common and accepted, it does take someone back when you think of an establishment not allowing someone in for neck or face tattoos, but if you remember signs you have seen in the past in restaurants and bars, they do have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose.

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