If you have been to bigger cities around the country you have probably run into a roundabout, but here in West Texas, we are not used to these traffic control anomalies.

So this means we need a tutorial on how to access these roundabouts and get around them.

There is only one completed roundabout in Midland and that is at the intersection of Tradewinds and Anetta as pictured below.

Kevin Chase
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With the completion of Tradewinds all the way down to Business Loop 20 (Hwy 80 for us lifers) they created the roundabout which seems odd that it is out in a field but in the next few years, there will be growth in those areas and the roundabout will be needed.

The one thing to remember, as the sign says, is to keep your speed about 15 mph when going around the roundabout, if you are traveling on Tradewinds and are continuing straight on Tradewinds, then stay in the outer lane because the inner lane is for those who want to turn left on to Anetta. Stay on the outer lane also if you want to turn right on Anetta.

There will be a new roundabout that will be getting a lot more traffic very soon, That one is on Illinois and Thomason, as seen below. The completion of that one will be in the next couple of months

Kevin Chase

The third roundabout that might be happening in Midland could possibly be at the intersection of Garfield and Cuthbert showed below.

Kevin Chase

They have already demolished the houses on the two corners that will be needed to complete the roundabout.

That one is needed more than any of them because of the weird way Cuthbert intersects Garfield.

They could have done that roundabout several years ago but unfortunately, there were families living on the two cleared-off corners.

Just take the roundabouts slow and be safe on them.


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