Listener Wrote: I'm not doing it! My new man wants me to meet his family via 'Facetime'. I think it's odd. I told my man I feel that's way 'impersonal' and I'll just wait till I meet them face to face. Yes, they do live out of town, but we will meet whenever we drive up one day. Now, he's butt hurt about the fact that I don't' want to meet his parents via Facetime and thinks I'm disrespecting them. C'mon?


Just look at this way, if you happen to not like them or just want to get away immediately that is the best way to do it. Just turn off the computer and you're done with it. Then you wouldn't have to feel awkward like you would if you were meeting them in person.


Raj from Big Bang Theory did that, it was on tv too! Do what they do on tv cause tv is cool.
Honestly I am old fashioned, I've done the FaceTime meet when I was going to get married. … See more


The fact you say he’s butthurt instead of he’s upset says a lot about how you look at your husband. Or should I say look down on your husband.

Your the one making this situation worse. The fact that he wants you to meet his family is a great thing and your just making it a negative.

Good for him. It took me forever to meet my man's parents and it was his fault. Good for your man on trying to make it happen. Embrace the situation it will probably turn out great.

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