If you are like me and Sunday night came along and you didn't know what to do since there was no Yellowstone, here is an insight into one of the events that happened during the finale.

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Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton responded to someone's comment on Twitter during a discussion as to why Beth was so mean to Carter. If you don't know, Carter called Beth "mom' in one of the scenes and she responded very harshly with, "don't call me mom."

If you are like me your heart was ripped out. Beth has been wanting Carter to treat her with respect and  how much more respect can you give someone than by calling the "mom." The scene stirred up many discussions on social media and Kelly Reilly responded to one of the conversations explaining why Beth did what she did.

" I understand it. It was supposed to be brutal and heartbreaking. I don't usually comment but I want to say this.. Beth was about to do something that will ruin her life. She is about to go into prison and kill the man that she thinks attacked her family. She knows there is a chance she will not come back. She can't tell this ked she is his mother and abandon him again. Beth is honest. It's tough sometimes, really tough but that's how she was raised.. but it's always truthful. When I read it I had the same feeling for them both. But honestly, not sure Beth in that moment was ready to be that for anyone..she was out for vengeance and could see nothing else. (There is a moment, where I hope you see the fight in her after he calls her that.) I think the heart wants it but she has to protect that kid from herself..not sure if that will make sense. But let's see where the writer will take them...I have hope."

I think most of us understand what was happening, but I am glad Kelly Reilly explained it. I love the entire dynamic of this storyline. They have taken in a young "Rip" into their dysfunctional life, but I believe in the end they will work out to be a happy family. Just like most blended families, they are just trying to figure it out.

On a side note, I think Rip is hard on him because Rip knows exactly how Carter feels.


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