Ok I was today years old when I learned this was a thing. Let me start by saying I don't know a ton about football, I'm the ultimate girly girl so I'm more worried about the cute quarterback and the color scheme of the team's uniforms than I am about the technical aspect of it all. 

And I do love me some TikTok so put those two things together and I learn new things from time to time. So thanks to my daily, endless TikTok scroll, I learned that LA Rams coach Sean McVay has what is called a 'pull back helper.' In the words of my TikTok friend Manolo, 'don't be nasty,' I said pull back. He also calls himself a get-back coach or a position coach.

So this guys sole job is that in order to avoid a penalty, when the offense is on the field, and the official is about to run into Coach McVay, he quickly pulls him back! Dead.

Why did I not know this before today? Literally probably everyone knew and I did not but to see the video montage is everything! I saw the video on TikTok and thought it was a joke, until this guy literally said it is his job! Listen to him talk about how it is like 'doing the tango.' Side step here, pull back there. I can't! lol

Click on the video below:


I will be watching those sidelines like a hawk on big game day! lol

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