Every Wednesday we feature a different pet that needs a new forever home here in the Basin from Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals. Sometimes it's a dog, sometimes it's a cat. They haven't had any guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, or snakes---yet. But you never know!

Meet Ghost!


Ghost is a beautiful white kitty with blue eyes.  His age is estimated at 4 years old and he is one of the friendliest people cats you would ever want to meet!  Ghost didn't get the best start to his life. His owner moved and left him outside the apartment complex where he had been living.  Ghost had to depend on the kindness of strangers to be able to eat. This happened to him three years ago and would still be his life if not for a new tenant who moved into the building.  She took a liking to Ghost and soon learned his story. Shocked and saddened that someone could treat a beautiful soul such as Ghost in such a way, she contacted the Sanctuary to see if they could find him a forever home.

He was too skinny and his coat was very rough when Ghost first came to live at the  Lone Star Sanctuary For Animals.  The staff instantly fell in love with him and got to work nursing him back to health!  Now he is back to a normal weight and has been neutered. Ghost will be available for adoption on 06/29/2022. Due to the condition he was in when he entered the Sanctuary, Ghost was kept in a room away from the other cats. Staff is unsure if he gets along with other cats but he loves people and would make an excellent family cat. If you are looking for a laid-back kitty to sit on your lap while you watch tv or read a book, go meet Ghost!  He's waiting for you!

Once home, remember the rule of three: three days to decompress, three weeks to get used to your routine and home, and three months to feel completely at home.

Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals is located at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland. And if for some reason you're not looking for a pet right now--please click SHARE and post this to your social media so we can help this fur baby find a forever home. Or perhaps you're looking for a different new furry friend. There are so many fur babies who would love to meet you so stop by and pay them a visit! There are plenty of dogs and cats to choose from who would love to be your next family member.

The Lone Star Sanctuary For Animals can always use supplies as well so if you can, stop by and drop off a donation to help the staff care for the shelter animals till they can find their forever homes. Needed right now:

Cleaning supplies

Puppy Pee Pads


Unopened / New Dog and Cat Food

Cat Litter

Items can be dropped off at the office at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland during business hours. Thank You!

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