We all love seeing new restaurants and businesses come to the Permian Basin, whether in Midland or Odessa. Most recently opened restaurants include Chuy’s and Rusty Taco, located in Midland. According to Maybe/Odessa, three new businesses/restaurants are coming to the Tall City.

Yesterday Maybe Midland/Odessa’s Facebook page announced that Midland would be getting a Five Below in the Common’s Shopping Center. Five Below is a chain of stores known for having discount items for $5 or below. However, they do have select items that range from $6-$25. They sell everything from books to clothes and are aimed at pre-teen and teen ages, but we all know we can find something for anyone. Currently, there is no set opening date, but construction will begin soon.


Another new business coming to Midland is Kokomo- Korean Corndog, Mochi Donuts & Boba Tea. This new business combines a variety of unique corndogs and Mochi Donuts that offers boba tea. With this restaurant, we don’t have an opening day or know where it will be located. Can I just say I love the fact they use a corgi in their logo?

Earlier this summer, Urban Air announced they would open a Midland location in the old Stein Mart building.

Parks Legado is getting a new Mexican restaurant; it will be located near Grub Burger.

Maria’s Mexican Kitchen is part of the Felipe Armenta Restaurant Group, which owns and operates several DFW and West Texas restaurants, including Cork & Pig Tavern and Red Oak Kitchen.

It is nice that new businesses are coming to the Permian Basin, but why can’t we get a water park? Even just a small one with a wave pool and some slides. Wasn’t someone supposed to re-opening Water Wonderland?


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