Summer usually involves backyard barbecues, fishing at the lake, and fireworks but many residents inside the city limits don't know, or care, that using fireworks in the city limits is illegal. The Lubbock Police Department is asking for the publics help in alerting officers when any fireworks are set off using their new system.

The system is named "Coplogic" and made its debut this May. It can be found online at the City of Lubbock website's Police Department page and is very easy to use. Once on the site, the next step is to find the orange tab that says "Reports and Forms," then the blue tab that says "File Crime Report" where a long list of incidents to report can be found, along with the option for "fireworks."

City of Lubbock
City of Lubbock

The reports can be made anonymously if you don't want your neighbors knowing you snitched them out to the cops. Tough guys or girls can provide their information, but it's unlikely anyone will know it was you who made the report either way. After being filed, the incident reports will be dispatched to officers.

While fireworks are illegal within the city limits and can lead to a $1,000 fine, Lubbock Fire & Rescue are giving Lubbock residents tips to follow when going outside the city limits.

In a previous interview with KFYO News, Taren Perkins, public information officer with Lubbock Fire & Rescue, reminded citizens that they can go into the county to set off fireworks but must pick up after themselves, stay vigilant of their surroundings and take precautions by bringing a fire extinguisher and water to douse any shot off fireworks.

From someone who lives outside the city limits, please take Perkins' advice, especially about picking up after yourselves. If you can buy fireworks, then you can buy a bag or box to pick up the trash you brought into the beautiful Lubbock countryside where I live.

Thank you in advance, and have fun this 4th of July.

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