Bitcoin is becoming all the rage and we are a part of that rage right here in West Texas.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, who says we are not technologically advanced here in West Texas? We have the largest Bitcoin Mine in the country right in our backyard.

The location in Reeves County is expected to be the largest Bitcoin mine in the country, it is currently running about half a percent of the entire global Bitcoin network.

The location went up quickly, from undeveloped land to the largest Bitcoin mine in the country in just 43 days and creating employment opportunities for residents of Reeves County and Pecos.

“We have been so excited to work with the Reeves County community as we grow our operation. We’ve hired dozens of team members from the local community for both our initial buildout and operations,” said Asher Genoot, US Bitcoin President and Co-Founder, through the Midland Reporter-Telegram by email. “Since securing the Pecos site last winter, we’ve made strides to develop it as a showcase for the sort of high-performance data centers we operate nationwide,” he wrote.

Genoot also said the site in Reeves County offers plenty of room for expansion which makes it the ideal place to start West Texas operations.

“We are called US Bitcoin Corp, but we have found a home in Texas,” he wrote in the email. “We see a bright future for US Bitcoin in West Texas. Our initial success at Pecos proved the value that we can bring to the region as a fast-growing community-first enterprise. We plan to continue to scale our operations in the area. As long as the sun shines and the wind blows, we plan to be the customer of first resort for renewable energy in Texas.”

With West Texas being the state's top place for renewable energy production, that is the biggest reason the company decided to build here.




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