There's a new trend going around with the old Michael Jordan Hall of Fame speech meme. It's honestly amazing how many different applications this Crying Jordan meme has.

That being said, the latest one struck particularly close to home when former Red Raider Jah'shawn Johnson shared some Texas Tech heartbreak as a moment that made him feel like Crying Jordan.

Johnson, who saw his fair share of heartbreak as a Red Raider, recalled the 2015 TCU tip drill touchdown late in the game at Jones AT&T Stadium as the moment that made him feel like he was crying inside the most. Here's a clip of that moment:

Here's another angle with a little bit more of the action:

After an epic back-and-forth matchup, the Texas Tech defense had the Horned Frogs in their grasp, up four points with a 4th & goal from the four-yard line. Trevon Boykin lofted a ball into Josh Doctson, who couldn't control it after Justis Nelson made contact. Johnson closed on the play, but only in time to see the ball fall into the arms of running back Aaron Green.

TCU took the lead with the score. Former Red Raider and current Miami Dolphin Jakeem Grant would get Texas Tech back to the other side of the field, but with less than 30 seconds left in the game, it was too little, too late. Just another heartbreaking loss in the Mahomes/Kingsbury era.

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