Thanksgiving is only a few days away but before we all celebrate Thanksgiving with our family, some people make it a thing to celebrate with friends by having a “Friendsgiving.”

I’ve personally been to a few Friendsgivings but they have always been smaller dinners. However, I know some people who take Friendsgiving to a whole other level and it got me wonder; Is there Do’s and Don’ts for these coveted “Friendsgivings.” and apparently the answer is, Yes.


See if you agree with this list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Friendsgiving Dinners:

  • DO: RSVP: 

Don't be that party pooper who forgets to RSVP. Your host needs to channel their inner event planner, so take a moment to click that 'attending' button. Five seconds, folks!

  • DON'T: Show Up Empty-Handed:

Turkey's great, but rolls are better. Show some love to your host's hard work and bring a little something to the table. Maybe a dessert or some funky appetizers – get creative!

  • DO: Let The Host/Hostess Know If You Will Need To Use An Oven**  

Communication is key. If your dish requires a warm-up, give your host a heads-up. No one likes a kitchen traffic jam.

  • DON'T: Be The Drunkest Person There

Tipsy is cool; blackout drunk is not. Sip responsibly and remember, water is your friend.

  • DO: Be The Second/Third/Fourth Drunkest Person There**

Let loose, but know your limits. Being the second drunkest? Now that's a badge of honor.

  • DON'T: Ask For The AUX Chord

Respect the playlist. We're feasting, not jingling all the way. Mariah can wait.

  • DO: Bring A Sizable Portion Of Food

Consider the headcount. Don't bring a feast for one or a banquet for the entire nation. Find that sweet spot.

  • DON'T: Ask People How They Like Your Contribution

Your grandma's stuffing may be legendary, but let the food speak for itself. No one's here for a taste test.

  • DO: Compliment Any Dish You Love

Spread the love! If you're vibing with a dish, shout it out. Everyone wants to feel like a culinary rockstar.

  • DON'T: Get Seconds Until Everyone Has Eaten

Manners matter. Wait your turn!

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