With the upcoming unseasonably warm temperatures hitting this week, I felt it appropriate to discuss Texans and air conditioning. I mean, tomorrow our expected high will be close to 90 and mid-80s after that so some folks may very well turn on their heaters very soon. 

One thing you should know about Texans is that every form of air conditioning and way to stay cool is necessary in our homes. At all times. No matter what season we are in. There are technically four seasons, but in a Texas home, it's cold indoors year-round.

I remember growing up my dad had to have box fans or standing fans on in our house, we had a swamp cooler at the time (it was the 80's of course) and when we finally got ceiling fans in every room, boy was that a treat and a welcome addition to our household!

I am extremely cold-natured so I just remember telling my dad I was always cold. 'Grab a blanket,' he would say, because trust, Dad was not budging or compromising when it came to his nice, cool house! So believe me when I say that this TikTok video is very accurate.

Tornado...snore. Intruder...snore. Hurricane...snore. The kid next door up early on a Saturday morning running the lawnmower? We can snooze through that too. Dog barking, shots fired, neighbor playing loud music, we can sleep through it all but let the fan get turned off by someone in the house, eyes open immediately, we can sit straight up in bed and yell....'WHO TURNED OFF THE FAN?!'

Whoever the culprit was can quietly utter, 'it's cold in here...' The reply will always be, 'get a blanket and turn the fan back on, I'm sweating!' lol Yep, that is how we do it here in Texas folks even in the middle of February!

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