After the bond election in 2019 ended up failing, Midland Independent School District is trying again to get new high schools and convert current schools into middle schools but with a much higher price tag.

The new price tag: $900 million.

The last bond election failed mostly because of the $569 million price tag so what will be different in this one besides inflation?

Midland ISD Superintendent Stephanie Howard says alterations were made to keep the costs of building new high schools and converting current schools into middle schools as low as possible.

The $900 million bond would have a $256.26 annual impact on people with an average home value in the district, which currently sits at $341,046.

Middle schools would be created from the four current junior high schools (Alamo, Abell, Goddard, and San Jacinto) and the freshman and high schools that would no longer be high schools (Legacy High, Legacy Freshman, Midland High, and Midland Freshman).

That would create four feeder schools each for the two high schools because, with improvements planned for the high schools, there would be no need for freshman high schools anymore since 9th-grade students would be able to fit in the new Legacy High School and Midland High School.

Elementary schools would have to shift students to existing campuses but no new elementary schools would be planned at the moment since 6th-grade students would be moved into the middle schools.

The timeline for the changes would be dependent on if the bond passes, but if the bond passes in November 2023 then planning for the new high schools would begin in January 2024 and end in April 2025 with construction beginning in August 2025 and completing in March 2028. Then the conversion of the old high schools and freshman high schools into middle schools would start in May 2028 and end in August 2028 just in time for the 2028-29 school year.



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